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The Membership

Dronefly is launching a brand new website that will make drone shopping even better!  Not only that, we are rolling out the worlds largest network of pilots that will help people find drone pilots, and help drone pilots get jobs!  We are also making this club exclusive.  That means when you join you will benefit from things such as 10% off at, priority shipping, Dronefly University, Dronefly Pilot Finder, and much more that we are keeping secret for now!  

Join Now to Get 10% Off Everything!

10% Off at!

Get Added to the Pilot Finder Map & Get Drone Jobs!

10% Off Repairs

Priority Shipping!

Online Video Tutorials at Dronefly University

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Special Pre-Launch Price

Hurry!  Prices will soon be $35 a month!

Get Drone Jobs

There are thousands of companies, productions, and real estate agents looking for drone services!  But there is not one place they can rely on to help them find you.  Dronefly is building the largest network to make it easy for clients to find you.  

DRONEFLY makes it easy for jobs to find you through our worldwide network & with our new 

interactive pilot finder map

(Coming soon)

Cancel your membership anytime up until first purchase!

Once you make a purchase you will be committed to a 12 month membership

Andrew Nixon,

Customer & Pilot

"The membership pricing deal is worth joining this program alone!."

"This is a no brainer to join.  You will make back your membership fee with the first purchase."

Chris Thompson,


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